Posted by: citizenski | May 28, 2008

Head Chip Supershape Skis 2008/09

Head Chip Supershape Skis 2008/09

Yeah, this is a great pair of all-mountain carvers. They Chip S’shapes have the composure of a concert pianist, a delicate touch upon the snow but are backed up with some a hard-wood sandwich core that has power and depth for excellent control and feedback – this is a very well tuned pair of skis.
Perhaps not the most racy or aggressive ski – try the S’shape Speeds for that – but it is there all-round harmony that really appeals to the expert skier or very good advanced skier want to move higher and on to the net level. In the hands of the experienced groomed run cruiser they will be sweet, in the hands of the in-experienced they will be demanding technically but you will be able to grow into them over time.

Skireviews rating: 95/100

Excellent executive high-speed cruisers, think of a Mercedes CLS or Maserati Quattroporte. Great for experts on the hard-pack.

The manufacturer says this about the Head Chip Supershape Skis 2008/09:

It’s like driving an RS6 (a little faster than my suggestion of a CLS!).Could be one of those new Astons too (although the Aston is back in British hands in Oxfordshire!). Point is this ski is chromy, roomy, comfy and FAST like nothing you’ve ever put your hands on.

p.s. I omitted to note, the small “cut-aways” that feature on many of Heads skis this year. The tip of the skis is machined away to reveal the layers beneath, although of no real technical benefit it does give the impression of a very well engineered product – they look great.


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