The ski review rankings explained

Welcome to and thanks for reading our reviews and news.

Skireviews is a completely independent ski review and information site that brings the latest equipment tests, news from the Alpine skiing world and some of the latest mutterings from the Alps.

Equipment Testing

For more than twenty years Chris Haworth has been active in the skiing world. Chris has experience from ski racing to ski sales, ski testing to development, training and pretty much most forms of work within the industry. Chris brings an insightful and informed, amusing, lighthearted yet accurate approach to the latest developments within the ski industry.

The vast majority of skis reviewed are tested directly by Chris although several freestyle or womens skis may be reviewed by fellow testers who are better suited to a specific category.

A ski will be tested over two runs unless they are “bloody awful” and Chris “would prefer to walk down the slope.”

A first, “get to know you” run will involve some slower turns to feel how the ski responds at lower speeds; building up to test the skis limits in the conditions specific to the manufacturers fabrication and intentions over the final phase of the first and throughout the second run.

Ski Rating

New for 2008/09 we have decided to rate each ski with a score of up to 100 –


An extraordinary ski displaying all the attributes expected of a ski of its variety. Graphics, finish, manufacturing quality and performance are of the highest order. Skis of this caliber are worth a special effort to find and ride.

An outstanding ski with superb performance and character but perhaps lacking on-the-limit performance or slightly below par graphics.

bove average to very good skis. Displaying few flaws within their category but perhaps a little “undermined” in terms of quality of manufacture, limits of performance or poor aesthetics.

An average pair of skis with little distinction except that they are soundly made. Straightforwards, innocuous and utlilitarian.

A below average ski. Containing noticeable performance deficiencies or poor manufacturing qualities or horrendous aesthetics.

Barely acceptable skis that are not capable of performing within their category to an acceptable level.


A word from Chris –
I hope you enjoy the reviews and news here at
Please feel free to comment upon the site and features, my best wishes for some great turns and powder in the future,
all the best,



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