Posted by: citizenski | May 28, 2008

Head Mojo 94 SW Skis 2008/09

Head Mojo 94 SW Skis 2008/09

Fresh Head fat twins – the new Mojo 94’s are aimed the funky freerider-styler looking for a versatile all-mountain to back-country package that they can spin, float, huck wherever they find themselves inspired.

Available in a broad range of sizes, from 166 cm to 187 cm, and featuring Head’s super-smooth sandwich construction the 94’s are durable, firm yet lively twin-tips best in the hands of experienced skiers and certainly the adventurous.

Skireviews rating: 89/100

One of the better fat twins around – they have the girth but they aren’t too obese.

The manufacturer says this about the Head Mojo 94 SW Skis 2008/09:

Our new twin-tip freeride with full all-mountain capabilities. Extremely versatile and a real pure bred stallion when it comes down to just you and the mountain. Yeehaw!


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