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Atomic SX 11 Skis 2009

Atomic SX 11 Skis 2009

Almost identical to the SX 12, you get the same profile but not the Power Bridge under th binding. If you prefer a lighter or easier flexing ski that is more forgiving in varied terrain then try the 11’s – if you enjoy a solid ride and tenacious contact with the hardest of snows then grab the 12’s for their Power Bridge, it is a very good system, not too heavy and makes the ski much silkier.

An excellent and less expensive option than the 12’s, ideal for lighter skiers or those looking for more all-mountain versatility. rating: 88/100

An excellent advanced to expert piste carver.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic SX 11 Skis 2009:

The top end Super Cross ski with excellent tracking for high-speed descents. Made possible thanks to magnesium Power Rods and the new Double Torsion bar in the shovel area. Having a softer flex, this ski glides with a fantastic feeling of balance. The AeroSpeed II honeycomb top sheet really catches the eye – even at speeds you reach thanks to reduced air turbulence.

Posted by: citizenski | July 31, 2008

Atomic SX 12 pb Skis 2009

Atomic SX 12 pb Skis 2009

Top-line skier-cross weapons. Fast, fun, direct, powerful and great in medium carves. Not as rapid edge-to-edge as the GS 12’s but very quick and very, very enjoyable.
I skied the SX 12 in a variety of piste conditions, hard pack, slush, spring snow and they were fantastic – great for the advanced skier or expert looking for a ski that is a blast. They arc on anything, they reassure with their vast amount of grip and if you like to batter the blacks then this is a ski to do it on – just not too good at skidding, but then they aren’t designed to be. rating: 95/100

An excellent piste missile for the aggressive advanced or expert skier.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic SX 12 pb Skis 2009:

The racing ski with the fresh look. With aggressive sidecut, flexible Power Bridge and 3D Ti Power Channels this ski is designed for one purpose only: to be the fastest. Agile and robust with perfect tracking to catapult you across the finish line. Total control even at high speeds: the recipe for success if you want to be first.

Posted by: citizenski | July 31, 2008

Atomic Race SL 11 pb Skis 2009

Atomic Race SL 11 pb Skis 2009

Tamer siblings to the Sl 12, a great ski. A touch more forgiving, not that the standard 12’s aren’t forgiving for the expert. Perhaps the advanced skier looking for their first pair of slalom skis would enjoy the 11’s or, if they are very light, then the 10’s.

Sharing a similar side-cut to the 12’s the ski is razor sharp in short carves, you can also shape the turn really nicely and the flex is never over-powering on either the 11’s or 12’s. In fact i would probably just grab a pair of 12’s unless I was female or finding the 12’s that bit too aggressive – best try them before buying to be fair. rating: 95/100

A slightly “softer” slalom ski than the 12’s but ideal for advanced to experts looking for a slightly less-aggressive slalom ski.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic Race SL 11 pb Skis 2009:

The slalom dream for the dream slalom. Manoeuvrable, responsive, energetic. Equipped with the Carbon/Titanium Integral Bridge and Dual Torsion Bar this ski is ideal for short radius turns through the gates while it irons out mistakes thanks to the softer flex. The aeroSpeed II top sheet not only looks hot, it also burns up the decisive tenths and hundredths of a second by reducing air turbulence.

Posted by: citizenski | July 31, 2008

Atomic Race SL 12 pb Skis 2009

Atomic Race SL 12 pb Skis 2009

Fantastic fun. I really love the Sl 12’s, they are lively without being unruly, powerful without being too domineering, in fact they are relatively easy to dominate for expert skiers and don’t demand the same amount of respect as a race pair of FIS skis. So great fun! Perfect for ski instructors, advanced skiers looking for the next level or an expert skier who loves short turns. Sensitive, grippy, flexible, perfect flex, they turn on a dime and stunning performance. Superb.

* for racing purposes there is at least one specific FIS regulated version Atomic slalom ski available. rating: 95/100

Nothing adverse to say about a great pair of all-round slalom skis.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic Race SL 12 pb Skis 2009:

The top slalom racing ski. Dynamic, manoeuvrable, responsive, full of power. With perfect edge grip and explosive power to the edge transmission for the most direct skiing line. The 3D Power Channels, Magnesium Power Rods, flexible Power Bridge and Double Torsion bars give it the highest torsion resistance and optimised flex characteristics. A ski that has been created for the top of the podium only.

Posted by: citizenski | July 31, 2008

Atomic Race GS 10 Skis 2009

Atomic Race GS 10 Skis 2009

Almost identical to the GS 11 but somewhat tamer flex – the profiles are mirrored throughout the size range. For the advanced skier rather than expert the GS 10 is much more forgiving, as they will also prove for lighter skiers. Check out the review for the GS 11 for further details.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic Race GS 10 Skis 2009:

The Giant Slalom racing ski with the sleek look. Extremely smooth running with very precise control, thanks to the Carbon Integral Bridge and Dual Torsion Bars, among other features. And especially at high speeds and in long turns you can really see the advantage of the Aerospeed II top sheet. Its honeycomb structure reduces air turbulence and makes the ski noticeably faster.

Posted by: citizenski | July 31, 2008

Atomic Race GS 11 ib Skis 2009

Atomic Race GS 11 ib Skis 2009

Tamer than the 12’s so a touch more forgiving but you are still very much in expert territory here. Fractionally easier to carve, well neither ski is designed for skidding!, but the 11’s are very grippy, great on hard-pack and provide a fraction of versatility over the 12’s – plus they are less tiring if you’re spending a full day aboard.

Quick but gentler, finesse rather than rawer force, the GS 11 have their place and I guess lighter skiers may prefer them, I’d still plump for the 12’s though. rating: 85/100

A really pleasing ride from an excellent GS-style racer. If this ski was in another manufacturers quiver then I may have given it higher marks but as it is I would plump for the 12’s unless you are particularly light and agile on your feet.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic Race GS 11 ib Skis 2009:

The Giant Slalom racer with slightly more flex for dynamic skiers who don’t need such a brutal level of aggression. With the carbon/titanium Integral Bridge the ski has the best control and edge grip wile the integrates Dual Torsion Bar ensures high stability and the AeroSpeed II surface, which doesn’t just look great, it’s honeycomb structure also reduces air turbulence. There’s only one word for it: speed.

Posted by: citizenski | July 31, 2008

Atomic Race GS 12 pb Skis 2009

Atomic Race GS 12 pb Skis 2009

Famed throughout the skiing world for their race skis the Atomic GS 12 is Atomic’s leading GS ski for the grand public before shooting off into the rarified world of pure FIS certified race skis.

As a shop ski this is a great piece of kit. They are super-smooth and wonderfully easy to remain centred upon. the 12 pb’s, pb = Power Bridge, dive into medium to large GS turns and feel very reassuring yet still agile. And that Power Bridge, well you can certainly feel it working to not only dampen but also to retain the flex and liveliness of the ski. For very high speed GS-style thrills this ski is hard to beat, for pure race performance then head for the FIS ski which is a completely different beast.

Grip is tenacious, power is abundant and overall an expert skier looking for radical carves and a real power-boost to their skiing will thoroughly enjoy their time on the GS 12’s, as long as the snow is firm and flat of course. And that is where many a keen skier may get turned-off, a ski of this nature does perform so much better when conditions permit – you want quiet pistes, well-groomed, firm snow and probably some good skiers around you. So it is a fair bit to ask for but the GS 12’s are worth it if you enjoy the rush of speed and prefer some hard-pack to poncing around in the bumps! rating: 97/100

Perfect GS-style racers for the expert skier. Think of a tuned Porsche 911, a GT3 lets say and you have the type of ski this is.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic Race GS 12 pb Skis 2009:

The Giant Slalom racing machine from the World Cup. For high-speed, no compromises. Guaranteed by a complete flex system of ingenious features: The freely flexible Power Bridge for aggressive power transmission, the 3D titanium Power Channels in the Beta Profile for high resistance to torsion and optimum energy transfer to the edge of the ski.

Posted by: citizenski | July 31, 2008

Atomic Nomad Sunburst Skis 2009

Atomic Nomad Sunburst Skis 2009

Featherweight and more forgiving than a chocolate-box Spaniel. The Nomad Sunburst is your opening into skiing, a beginner or early intermediate will find this ski easy, reassuring and controllable in most circumstances. It would probably be all circumstances if it was not for the skiers lack of control, because Atomic’s Sunburst is about as easy and forgiving as a ski can be made whilst still able to offer some grip on firmer snow. And that is where this Nomad is good, it still retains some spirit of a skier being adventurous and wanting to push the boundaries as opposed to merely providing some plank of un-inspirational plank of foam for the new-comer to ski on. rating: 88/100

A very good first pair of skis for the beginner to intermediate.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic Nomad Sunburst Skis 2009:

The entry level Nomad. Lightweight, multi-talented and forgiving, but bursting with energy. The Nano Reinforcements give additional stability, the surface shines with the Atomic 2D top sheet and radiates style and skill with aggressive design. A ski that has been created for having fun on the mountain regardless of where you find enjoyment.

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Atomic Nomad Bluemoon Skis 2009

Atomic Nomad Bluemoon Skis 2009

Lighter, easier and tamer, think of a Labrador! The “Bluemoon” is not some dubious den of disrepute but a very easy-going pair of intermediate skis. With a 72 mm sidecut this ski allows the beginner to progress into carving a ski and also controlling their speed on steeper or tougher slopes.
Very forgiving, tame at the tail, wide and easy at the tip, a great ski for your second or third week on snow. rating: 89/100

An most forgiving intermediate, or even beginner package.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic Nomad Bluemoon Skis 2009:

A rare skiing experience. The Bluemoon i a wonderfully balanced all mountain ski: light and manoeuvrable, it manages to bridge the gap between lightweight and smooth cruise with a major fun factor. With 2 TFC sectors and the Nano reinforcements in the shovel region it is both light and stable. For easily manageable turns on every route down the mountain. The Atomic 2D top sheet gives you a breathtaking look as well. Comfortable and enjoyable skiing on every type of snow in every type terrain.

Posted by: citizenski | July 31, 2008

Atomic Nomad Whiteout Skis 2009

Atomic Nomad Whiteout Skis 2009

Thoroughly enjoyable intermediate carver-all-mountain skis. Easy to use, gentle, skiddable, carvable and attractive to look at. A good seller last year, you get grip, agility and an all-terrain package which is perfect either for your first ski purchase or rental. A combination of pretty much everything you would wish for gives the Whiteout full-marks as an intermediate to advanced ski for the non-aggressive but adventurous skier. rating: 94/100

Attractive, agile and versatile.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic Nomad Whiteout Skis 2009:

Thanks to the innovative TFC technology, very little energy is required to ride this light, high-quality all-mountain ski effectively in all terrain. With four TFC sectors in the tip and four in the tail of the ski.

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