Posted by: citizenski | August 2, 2008

Amplid Cholesterone 2009

Amplid Cholesterone 2009

Available in two variants, a "rocker" design reversed camber or a traditional flex pattern. The RC, "reverse camber" is the most modern in conception, easier to get around, more versatile and that effective shorter running length on any harder snow makes life easier with skis at 126 mm at the waist – in fact after a few runs on these you will be walking like John Wayne.

I know most of the young guys in my ski town love the Amplid flex patterns – progressive, forgiving yet still relatively stable. The Cholesterone’s in either variant are gonna take you large in the powder no matter if you’re an old-schooler like me who doesn’t see the point in riding switch or a new-school switch dieu. rating: Fatter than most "mall bound Americans" and it is that large it could probably even float them above the powder – better in the hands of slicker, rippin’ back-country jibbers though.

The manufacturer says this about the Amplid Cholesterone 2009:

Re: Choleterone RC


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