Posted by: citizenski | July 31, 2008

Atomic Urban Punx Skis 2009

Atomic Urban Punx Skis 2009

Focused freestyle boards with lots of attitude and the design and technology to back them up. Wood and “Kinetic” cored, full side-wall construction and a powerful profile with 84 under you hoof. The Punx are destined to be on the soles of riders looking to hit rails and kickers in the park, backcountry or home-made in their back-yards when the snow comes – lets hope you’re not living too far south for the later!

Technically not much has changed from last year, although there is a new “Chrome Foil” finish to the top-sheet. In all a very specialised ski that you can ski pretty much everywhere but they are designed to excel in the Park with their full-twin-tip construction – very much a focused package for the dedicated freestyler. rating: n/a

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic Urban Punx Skis 2009:

The Urban Punx was built from the ground up to annihilate rails and urban jibs. The ski comes locked and loaded with our Rail Slide Reinforcement system, a true twin shape and a specifically milled flex profile that turns sketchy drop-ins into walks in the park and makes buttering a snap. Riders like Ian and Jossi agree, the Urban Punx is their weapon of choice for urban assault missions.


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