Posted by: citizenski | July 31, 2008

Atomic Thug Skis 2009

Atomic Thug Skis 2009

Monstrous beasts for the pure back-country freerider. As per last season there are two versions, 181 and 192 cm, the profiles are slightly altered but not by much and they both sport vast turn shapes. In fact at 37 and 40 m respectively tip this ski on its edge and you’ll be waiting a long while before anything happens – but that is not what the Thugs are about. Stomping huge hucks off cliffs whilst riding switch, skiin’ the deepest “pow” (I hate that phrase!) and having a pair of boards underfoot that are gonna support you, protect you (from clip the odd rock or cliff) and be as solid as granite.

Thug’s are were it is at if you live for skiing, dream of freestyle and freeride and are looking for the ultimate in backcountry playfulness. This ain’t the ski for you if you are not fit, playful, strong or are looking to shred some rad lines. Thug’s can be heavy going, tough and the uninitiated may find them more cumbersome than playful – serious skiers will love them though is the conditions are right. rating: 92/100

I really enjoyed my two runs on them, they have a planted yet playful feel, are rapid and if I was young and brave enough to spin then I’m sure they’d be fine – I enjoyed them just for freeride blasting with a few Old School “pops” on the way!

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic Thug Skis 2009:

Backcountry freestyle at its finest. The Thug delivers in even the deepest of snow conditions. if your idea of a good day involves nose butter 5’s off cornices, switch pow slashes and slashing pillow lines this is the ski for you.


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