Posted by: citizenski | July 31, 2008

Atomic SX 12 pb Skis 2009

Atomic SX 12 pb Skis 2009

Top-line skier-cross weapons. Fast, fun, direct, powerful and great in medium carves. Not as rapid edge-to-edge as the GS 12’s but very quick and very, very enjoyable.
I skied the SX 12 in a variety of piste conditions, hard pack, slush, spring snow and they were fantastic – great for the advanced skier or expert looking for a ski that is a blast. They arc on anything, they reassure with their vast amount of grip and if you like to batter the blacks then this is a ski to do it on – just not too good at skidding, but then they aren’t designed to be. rating: 95/100

An excellent piste missile for the aggressive advanced or expert skier.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic SX 12 pb Skis 2009:

The racing ski with the fresh look. With aggressive sidecut, flexible Power Bridge and 3D Ti Power Channels this ski is designed for one purpose only: to be the fastest. Agile and robust with perfect tracking to catapult you across the finish line. Total control even at high speeds: the recipe for success if you want to be first.


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