Posted by: citizenski | July 31, 2008

Atomic SX 11 Skis 2009

Atomic SX 11 Skis 2009

Almost identical to the SX 12, you get the same profile but not the Power Bridge under th binding. If you prefer a lighter or easier flexing ski that is more forgiving in varied terrain then try the 11’s – if you enjoy a solid ride and tenacious contact with the hardest of snows then grab the 12’s for their Power Bridge, it is a very good system, not too heavy and makes the ski much silkier.

An excellent and less expensive option than the 12’s, ideal for lighter skiers or those looking for more all-mountain versatility. rating: 88/100

An excellent advanced to expert piste carver.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic SX 11 Skis 2009:

The top end Super Cross ski with excellent tracking for high-speed descents. Made possible thanks to magnesium Power Rods and the new Double Torsion bar in the shovel area. Having a softer flex, this ski glides with a fantastic feeling of balance. The AeroSpeed II honeycomb top sheet really catches the eye – even at speeds you reach thanks to reduced air turbulence.


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