Posted by: citizenski | July 31, 2008

Atomic Sugar Daddy Skis 2009

Atomic Sugar Daddy Skis 2009

Sugar Daddy’s span a vast range of sizes – from 153 cm up to a serious 193 cm. In all the sizes you get a semi-twin-tipped freeride ski with 99 mm underfoot. 99 mm is about right for most European skiing unless you have a helicopter. With a radius in 153 cm of 25.5 meters up to 30 in the 193 this is very much a high-speed beast with the aim of stability – this is highlighted by the use of GS-ski technology in the B4 construction that still lives on with the Sugar Daddies.

As the ski is built around a “Densolite” core the overall weight for such a large ski is kept within reason whilst durability is not a know issue. In all a very good, although not exactly ground breaking, pair of solid performing freeride skis – recommended. rating: 89/100

An excellent freeride ski combining lightness and a dose of power.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic Sugar Daddy Skis 2009:

The mighty drift cutter. At 99 mm the Sugar Daddy really knows how to enjoy itself. With incredible lift in powder it creates lines on the slope with a style that nobody else can intimate. If snow were flammable the Sugar Daddy would really rip up some fireworks. It’s superior shape and no compromise attitude towards having fun in deep powder make this ski the perfect partner for discovering new routes down the mountain. Cut your name into the slope in big letters. Sugar Daddy is a fool to be proud of.


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