Posted by: citizenski | July 31, 2008

Atomic Race SL 11 pb Skis 2009

Atomic Race SL 11 pb Skis 2009

Tamer siblings to the Sl 12, a great ski. A touch more forgiving, not that the standard 12’s aren’t forgiving for the expert. Perhaps the advanced skier looking for their first pair of slalom skis would enjoy the 11’s or, if they are very light, then the 10’s.

Sharing a similar side-cut to the 12’s the ski is razor sharp in short carves, you can also shape the turn really nicely and the flex is never over-powering on either the 11’s or 12’s. In fact i would probably just grab a pair of 12’s unless I was female or finding the 12’s that bit too aggressive – best try them before buying to be fair. rating: 95/100

A slightly “softer” slalom ski than the 12’s but ideal for advanced to experts looking for a slightly less-aggressive slalom ski.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic Race SL 11 pb Skis 2009:

The slalom dream for the dream slalom. Manoeuvrable, responsive, energetic. Equipped with the Carbon/Titanium Integral Bridge and Dual Torsion Bar this ski is ideal for short radius turns through the gates while it irons out mistakes thanks to the softer flex. The aeroSpeed II top sheet not only looks hot, it also burns up the decisive tenths and hundredths of a second by reducing air turbulence.


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