Posted by: citizenski | July 31, 2008

Atomic Race GS 12 pb Skis 2009

Atomic Race GS 12 pb Skis 2009

Famed throughout the skiing world for their race skis the Atomic GS 12 is Atomic’s leading GS ski for the grand public before shooting off into the rarified world of pure FIS certified race skis.

As a shop ski this is a great piece of kit. They are super-smooth and wonderfully easy to remain centred upon. the 12 pb’s, pb = Power Bridge, dive into medium to large GS turns and feel very reassuring yet still agile. And that Power Bridge, well you can certainly feel it working to not only dampen but also to retain the flex and liveliness of the ski. For very high speed GS-style thrills this ski is hard to beat, for pure race performance then head for the FIS ski which is a completely different beast.

Grip is tenacious, power is abundant and overall an expert skier looking for radical carves and a real power-boost to their skiing will thoroughly enjoy their time on the GS 12’s, as long as the snow is firm and flat of course. And that is where many a keen skier may get turned-off, a ski of this nature does perform so much better when conditions permit – you want quiet pistes, well-groomed, firm snow and probably some good skiers around you. So it is a fair bit to ask for but the GS 12’s are worth it if you enjoy the rush of speed and prefer some hard-pack to poncing around in the bumps! rating: 97/100

Perfect GS-style racers for the expert skier. Think of a tuned Porsche 911, a GT3 lets say and you have the type of ski this is.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic Race GS 12 pb Skis 2009:

The Giant Slalom racing machine from the World Cup. For high-speed, no compromises. Guaranteed by a complete flex system of ingenious features: The freely flexible Power Bridge for aggressive power transmission, the 3D titanium Power Channels in the Beta Profile for high resistance to torsion and optimum energy transfer to the edge of the ski.


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