Posted by: citizenski | July 31, 2008

Atomic Nomad Sunburst Skis 2009

Atomic Nomad Sunburst Skis 2009

Featherweight and more forgiving than a chocolate-box Spaniel. The Nomad Sunburst is your opening into skiing, a beginner or early intermediate will find this ski easy, reassuring and controllable in most circumstances. It would probably be all circumstances if it was not for the skiers lack of control, because Atomic’s Sunburst is about as easy and forgiving as a ski can be made whilst still able to offer some grip on firmer snow. And that is where this Nomad is good, it still retains some spirit of a skier being adventurous and wanting to push the boundaries as opposed to merely providing some plank of un-inspirational plank of foam for the new-comer to ski on. rating: 88/100

A very good first pair of skis for the beginner to intermediate.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic Nomad Sunburst Skis 2009:

The entry level Nomad. Lightweight, multi-talented and forgiving, but bursting with energy. The Nano Reinforcements give additional stability, the surface shines with the Atomic 2D top sheet and radiates style and skill with aggressive design. A ski that has been created for having fun on the mountain regardless of where you find enjoyment.


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