Posted by: citizenski | July 31, 2008

Atomic Nomad Crimson Ti Skis 2009

Atomic Nomad Crimson Ti Skis 2009

Top of the Atomic’s Nomad range. The Nomad’s are thoroughly versatile skis and the Crimson Ti doesn’t disappoint with its 86 mm waist and all-purpose medium-radius side-cut.

The latest model felt much more powerful than the original Crimson and I was surprised how aggressive one can ski on the Crimson Ti. This in not an intermediates ski, this is for an advanced skier looking for a very cost effective but smooth pair of skis that will give good grip on firm pistes and allow the skier to venture off into the backcountry if conditions allow.

The use-ability of this ski is where Atomic have done their home-work. A professional skier is on the hill pretty much everyday, they have not only the technique but the CV and the muscle-power to work a tough pair of expert freeride skis. Many regular holiday skiers on the other hand manage to get to the gym maybe once or twice a week and have a fair technique but they want a ski that will work with them and for them – this is where the Crimson Ti comes in. If you are an advanced skier looking for durability, good build quality, an interesting price point and a great pair of all-mountain “freeride skis” then the Crimson Ti’s could be for you.

An excellent package. rating – 98/100

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic Nomad Crimson Ti Skis 2009:

The state-of-the-art all-mountaineer. With its chubby outline this ski gives you plenty of lift in powder while being super-light for an awesome level of balanced flex. The 6TFC sectors in the front end and 4 TFC sectors in the rear end combined with the Nano reinforcements make the ski run reassuringly smooth and stable. The reliability of all these functions together makes this the number 1 ski for maximum enjoyment all over the mountain. Easy to turn, agile and manoeuvrable giving you the “running on rails feel” both on the slope and in powder. Simply a lo of fun wherever you are.


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