Posted by: citizenski | July 31, 2008

Atomic Nomad Bluemoon Skis 2009

Atomic Nomad Bluemoon Skis 2009

Lighter, easier and tamer, think of a Labrador! The “Bluemoon” is not some dubious den of disrepute but a very easy-going pair of intermediate skis. With a 72 mm sidecut this ski allows the beginner to progress into carving a ski and also controlling their speed on steeper or tougher slopes.
Very forgiving, tame at the tail, wide and easy at the tip, a great ski for your second or third week on snow. rating: 89/100

An most forgiving intermediate, or even beginner package.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic Nomad Bluemoon Skis 2009:

A rare skiing experience. The Bluemoon i a wonderfully balanced all mountain ski: light and manoeuvrable, it manages to bridge the gap between lightweight and smooth cruise with a major fun factor. With 2 TFC sectors and the Nano reinforcements in the shovel region it is both light and stable. For easily manageable turns on every route down the mountain. The Atomic 2D top sheet gives you a breathtaking look as well. Comfortable and enjoyable skiing on every type of snow in every type terrain.


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