Posted by: citizenski | July 31, 2008

Atomic Nomad Blackeye Ti Skis 2009

Atomic Nomad Blackeye Ti Skis 2009

A great ski that begins to pack a punch to interest the aggressive advanced skier or expert looking for a cruise. With 79 mm under-foot you can head pretty much anywhere – great for spring snow, fair int he bumps and adept in fresh powder, as long as it is not up to your arm-pits deep.

What I like about the Nomad skis in general is their ability to remain agile, light and uncluttered – probably quite unlike my scribing! The Blackeye Ti retains all of these properties, packs them into a sportier and more aggressive package but still delivers a ski that won’t damage your bank account too much in these tough times.

For the advanced skier it has to be one of the best all-mountain skis for its money, for the intermediate, grab looking to ski a couple of weeks a year and not loiter around only on the easier groomed trails then grab a pair and grab yourself some adventure – this is a real go anywhere ski. rating: 94/100

An excellent package for the aspiring, athletic intermediate or advanced skier looking for serious agility in an all-mountain package.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic Nomad Blackeye Ti Skis 2009:

The Titanium all mountain ski. Powerful, wife and yet as agile as a running back ( a “centre forward” in the World’s game, football, i.e. soccer!). Feather-light and super-flexible due to the interplay between the full-length titanium profile, 6+4 titanium TFC sectors and Nano Reinforcements for stabilisation. It all adds up to the best stability, precise edge grip and previously unattainable smoothness. A ski that gives the you confidence in every terrain. Stylish and super manoeuvrable off-piste; runs on rails with superior edge grip on groomed slopes. A ski that gives you its best everywhere and responds as though it can read your thoughts.


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