Posted by: citizenski | July 31, 2008

Atomic Drive II Carbon Skis 2009

Atomic Drive II Carbon Skis 2009

Range topping Drive ski, the Carbon II is technology crammed for the smoothest, easiest and most flowing arcs on the mountain. This is a ski with executive appeal, a Merc’ S-Class, powerful but refined, laden with technology to make your life more comfortable and apt in virtually any situation – other than a really boisterous one!

70 mm underfoot is aimed more at stability than rapid edge changes, you roll from edge to edge and the entire experience is kinda laid back and let the ski do the work whilst you chill and soak in the environment.

With a mid-radius profile the Carbon II swoops and glides as you would expect of this executive machine, there are no fiery radical arcs here – go smooth, keep on the groomers and have waft your way to lunch. rating: 90/100

Sophisticated cruisers.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic Drive II Carbon Skis 2009:

The top ski with extraordinary smoothness for groomed slopes. The transmitters consist of super-light carbon in combination with the extra-long aluminium stabiliser that gives excellent gliding characteristics. The shape is perfectly tuned to the performance orientated prepared run skier. An experience you have to discover.


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