Posted by: citizenski | July 31, 2008

Atomic Drive 9 Titan Skis 2009

Atomic Drive 9 Titan Skis 2009

A very advanced ski in terms of technology for the good intermediate to advanced skier looking to spend the majority of their time cruising the groomed runs. All this technology gives the skier a smooth touch on the snow but not dissimilar to many skis in this sort of category, they are light and sometimes feel a little “tinny” if pushed.
In all the Drive 9 Ti is a very good red run ski (black if you’re in the States). They do what they say on the box, they cruise, they’re smooth and they are very manageable – perfect I guess in some ways if you’re after that in your skiing. rating: n/a

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic Drive 9 Titan Skis 2009:

The versatile groomed slop ski. The Titanium transmitters and twin punched aluminium stabilisers absorb negative oscillations. That means a completely new softness at the same time as easy-turning agility and a completely new level of skiing enjoyment.


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