Posted by: citizenski | July 31, 2008

Atomic Big Daddy Skis 2009

Atomic Big Daddy Skis 2009

Fantastic, I love this graphic, they look sublime in the flesh and you really do just want to hop on and go for a ride. The Big Daddy remain atop of the freeride pile Chez Atomic. With a meaty 125 mm waist this is a big ski for big powder days. This new model features a slightly “reversed camber” at the tip – so easier manoeuvrability when crossing the groomed runs or in tricky firmer snow conditions – in fact the latest series of Daddies from Atomic. More refined than they seemed in the early days, Daddies were real swines and best reserved for only the very best or those with a self-harming affliction.

The latest Big Daddy is more versatile, still as hard-core but an improved big mountain package for the confirmed expert to pro rider. rating: 95/100

Excellent big mountain performance with a refined feel, Reversed camber and great graphic.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic Big Daddy Skis 2009:

The Grand Master of the powder snow carvers. A ski that demands respect. With 125 mm under the binding this is a massive toy that loves putting big curves into open slopes. With reversed camber in the tip to give more lift in powder you’ve still got amazingly precise control over the ski. For radical turns in waist-deep powder. A ski that has worked its way up to the front line all on its own. Listen to the gasps of amazement on the accompanying soundtrack.


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