Posted by: citizenski | July 30, 2008

Atomic SX 10 Skis 2009

Atomic SX 10 Skis 2009

A perennial favourite with many a red run hooligan. This ski loves to go fast, hurtling down reds and smooth blacks with abandon. The SX 10 is not the most sophisticated ski in Atomic’s range but it is a heap of fun, a great medium-radius carver, quick off the mark and built for guys who have just parked up their Subaru and are more interested in 0-60 times than “saving the whale!”
If a ski could be non-PC this would be one. The SX 10 screams to be noticed, it is loud to behold, demands to be ridden fast and loves nothing more than a race to a cafe for apres ski. rating: 89/100

An excellent piste-performance ski for the advanced skier or thrill seeking & very sporty intermediate.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic SX 10 Skis 2009:

The Super-Cross all-rounder. For skiers who like to race the slope as fast as possible but appreciate a more civilised skiing style. Total control over the ski is ensured by the Mono Torsion Bars and the Magnesium Power rods. The cool Aerospeed II top sheet is an aesthetic finishing touch that serves a purpose for maximum enjoyment.


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