Posted by: citizenski | July 30, 2008

Atomic Seventh Heaven Women’s Skis 2009

Atomic Seventh Heaven Women's Skis 2009

A wide ski with a broad remit to be Atomic’s most versatile women’s all-mountain ski. With 79 mm underfoot you experience enough support in variable snow and rougher conditions for the majority of competent red run skiers. Stronger skiers or taller women may be put off by the lack of a larger size though, the longest ski is coming in at 164 cm which keeps the Seventh Heaven pretty much out of the hands of faster, more aggressive skiers or those over about 5ft 7. Nonetheless the Seventh Heaven is an attractive proposition for many an intermediate to advanced skier looking for a package that is pleasing on the eye, easy to use on general all-mountain duties – lots of reds, blues and the odd black – plus the ‘Heaven is light, forgiving and well priced. rating: 94/100

Love the looks, love the performance just a shame there isn’t one longer length that would suit taller women.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic Seventh Heaven Women’s Skis 2009:

Freedom on top of the mountain. For women who like to spread their wings. With this ski women feel at home all over the mountain. The top all-rounder. Lightweight thanks to its Torsion Flex Control sectors, “TFC 6 + 4”, highly manoeuvrable, dynamic and extremely smooth running. Elegant and eye-catching in design with combined white and gold Fineline topsheet and unique InDesign technology that perfectly matches the ski with the binding. Seventh Heaven. Simply divine.


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