Posted by: citizenski | July 2, 2008

Dynastar Legend 4800 Fluid Skis 2008/09

Dynastar Legend 4800 Fluid Skis 2008/09

Advanced skiers always love the, almost, perennial Legend 4800. But this year the dimensions are boosted to 79 mm underfoot so expert skiers looking for a versatile freeskiing ski will enjoy the Dynastar’s qualities. An easy turn-in, lightweight, although beefier and more substantial than the outgoing model, plus Autodrive plate to give good on-piste performance for a most accessible and versatile ski.

A fuller, more mature ski with a greater level of depth than the original 4800, the Fluid 4800 is very comfortable in pretty much all-conditions and all terrain for the advanced recreational skier. rating: 90/100

An excellent ski all-mountain ski but not too sure the graphics are that hot.

The manufacturer says this about the Dynastar Legend 4800 Fluid Skis 2008/09:



  1. I agree not to keen on the graphics either, don’t really wow me! I’ve never personally been that keen on Dynastar (Although thinking about it the Omniglass skis are excellent) would probably look at Salomon, or Bandits/Scratch as opposed to these…

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