Posted by: citizenski | June 24, 2008

Movement Joystick Skis 2009

Movement Joystick Skis 2009

Very funky looking for 2009, the Joysticks shout aloud what they are about, fun and freestyle. Essentially there are two versions of this ski – the small sizes feature a simpler and more manageable core for lighter skiers, the second is the more adult version in the 166 and 176 cm.

The latter excels in the park and pipe, the Okume/Poplar core is light, very tough yet smooth and gives both a good pop for hucks yet silken landings and control. As with their larger siblings, the Kamasutra, the Joysticks feature the Titanal inserts through the mid-section of the ski for improved durability on rails. rating: 98/100

A benchmark freestyle ski.

The manufacturer says this about the Movement Joystick Skis 2009:

With the Joystick’s incredible ease to turn and spin combined with its precision, it will give you the confidence to push your bag of tricks ever harder. This ski is for park, pipe and rail. The Titanal reinforcement inserted into the mid section of the ski offers unmatched resistance to shocks and substantially improves the durability and life expectancy of the skis. The special wood cores provide good carving and high speed damping for all round riding too.


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