Posted by: citizenski | June 24, 2008

Movement Iki Skis 2009

Movement Iki Skis 2009

The new era of touring skis. This is my sort of touring ski, I love skiing (downhill), don’t mind tramping a couple of hours up or along to seek out peace, the beauty of the mountains and some solace, whilst working a touch of a sweat up – but what I can’t abide is crap skis for the downhill. Super-light touring skis are great for hiking up, but I, and I’m guessing most of you, want a ski that is fun and gives you some thrills on the way down.

The Iki is that ski. It is a lightweight freeride ski built for the serious, and not too serious, ski tourer. 117-80-105 mm skis give you a longer, GS-style radius plus the benefits of not being too carved for the steeps, the wood-core remains efficient heading uphill but gives you real punch heading down and a good level of high-speed stability.

Excellent for the expert skier, or dedicated Alpine skier who enjoys the odd spring excursion for some distant powder or spring snow. rating: 100/100

As a touring-freeski there ain’t many better.

The manufacturer says this about the Movement Iki Skis 2009:

The Iki is the perfect ski for the new touring generation. Thanks to its long tip and tail, its special construction using three different woods in its core and its wider profile. It is perhaps the highest performance skiing ski in the touring collection. For the AT skier who changes pretty hard in all terrain and snow conditions but wants the lightest possible set-up they can get.


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