Posted by: citizenski | June 24, 2008

Movement Hype Skis 2009

Movement Hype Skis 2009

The Hype is a cool introduction to a new breed of all-mountain skis that are happy carving on the groomed runs or fitted up with touring bindings they are happy to hike, ski the powder and explore.

So perhaps if you are a keen and adventurous skier then it is a good idea to plump for touring bindings – such as the robust Marker Duke or the Swiss made Diamir – you’ll enjoy the freedom and adventure that this can offer away from the groomed trails (do take a guide though!).

With a versatile 78 mm waist the Hype is never going to turn like a slalom ski but it does feel lively, there is reasonable grip and if its not too icy then it is not something that will concern you. In slushy, spring snow the mid-fat tip just rides cleanly and smoothly, this is a relaxed ski and you feel very happy to cruise along and pop-in the odd flurry of short turns. Wood-cored as we have come to expect from Movement and a ski with very broad appeal – the Hype is sure to be a good seller for Movement. rating: 95/100

Fine performer for the advanced all-mountain skiers looking for a change from the mainstream.

The manufacturer says this about the Movement Hype Skis 2009:

The Hype is a ski with the latest technical innovations. That’s why it is the perfect on-piste ski for all alpine terrain. The Hype has an unusual design. It is a suitable on-piste freeride ski as much as an allrounder mounted with touring bindings. Precise and stable, quite light and quick. The Hype is a great all-mountain tool for the corduroy and crud, powder and packed.


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