Posted by: citizenski | June 24, 2008

Movement Goliath Sluff Skis 2009

Movement Goliath Sluff Skis 2009

Toned-down Goliath’s…..well a little. The 184 is simply awesome and for many an expert skier you will not really need to move up to the “Big Daddy” 191 without serious consideration after trying the Sluff in a 184.

I loved them, they are stable, urge you to push harder and faster, they are nimble, the flex is excellent, lots of grip under-foot with a fat-tip that is well tuned and floats up in powder yet powers through rotten snow. For many a seasonaire, non-sponsored skier, skier looking for sponsorship, instructor, guide or expert you will love the freedom and confidence that the Goliath Sluff’s give.

Awesome and also available in a 174 for girls. rating: 98/100

Superb, powerful, beastly Freeride skis.

The manufacturer says this about the Movement Goliath Sluff Skis 2009:

The Goliath Sluff is a real freerider. It has a short radius of 23 meters (that is the first time I’ve heard of 23 meters being described as “short radius” but then everything is relative!), yet despite its width, this ski offers a lot of fun on hard snow. Many skiers have chosen this ski as their single big mountain, all mountain ride. Versatile, unlike any fat ski made. It doesn’t penalise you on the groomers just because its 99 mm under foot. Its long and progressive tip effectively absorbs uneven terrain at any speed which gives it a superb stability and grip at high speed. yet it floats beautifully in powder turns on a dime.


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