Posted by: citizenski | June 24, 2008

Movement Goliath Skis 2009

Movement Goliath Skis 2009

Awesome!!! I cannot praise this ski more highly. As you clip in to these behemoths there is a sense of awe, foreboding and that you’re about to undertake something rather serious. The Goliaths aren’t skis for the uninitiated- more for when you’ve hammered down every run in resort, off piste or on, and there seems to be no challenges left to grapple so you think in a primordial way- hey, I’ll strap a pair of Goliath’s on and see if I can survive the ride.
And the ride is fantastic, in any snow, over any chopped up porridge, hard pack or crusty frozen horredness these things just fly over, through and strip away the imperfections letting you wield your way wherever you desire. They ski with amazing fluidity and dampening- the blend of woods in the core can be felt in the flex pattern. There is definite rigidity underfoot for stability and a noticeable softness at the tip and tail in comparison that allows a ski of such huge dimensions to be tolerable and useable. If you think of old school skis from three or four years ago they had most of the dimensions but non of the sophistication of a ski like the Goliath.
An excellent package then for excellent, seasoned skiers who spend enough time in the mountains to have the legs, the snow and the time to take advantage of such pure Freeride skis. For 2009 there is no longer the 184 version and you get a very bright colour-scheme that looks great…. hail to the Goliath’s! rating: 100/100

Superlative pro-level freeride skis.

The manufacturer says this about the Movement Goliath Skis 2009:

This ski is not for everybody! Through the development and the co-operation of our team, headed by Evaraiste Berney, the Goliath 191 is a ski meant for powder and open terrain where an expert can really open it up. This ski has won numerous awards and has attracted the attention of some of the world’s top freeriders. One of its celebrated qualities is that it skis much easier and shorter than the dimensions would suggest. This is due to the core materials. Light but superbly balanced with fantastic dampening qualities.


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