Posted by: citizenski | June 24, 2008

Movement Chicka Skis 2009

Movement Chicka Skis 2009

Accessible, alternative ski fro the advanced female skier looking to break out of the mainstream, mass production ski brands. Now in their second year but cloaked in a classier graphic, the Chika is aimed at advanced skiers who want versatility, stability yet a light, easy to use ski in virtually all conditions.

The 77 mm waist Chicka remained useable in bumps and on groomed terrain whilst still being able to handle a reasonable amount of fresh snow or the odd backcountry raid. With its Okume and Popla core the Chicka’s are light in terms of weight but also smooth flexing and predictable and much less of a handful than the more hard-core skis in the Movement range. rating: 95/100

Classy, true all-mountain ski for the advanced to expert female skier looking for a ski to explore or a ski to cruise.

The manufacturer says this about the Movement Chicka Skis 2009:

hailed throughout the ski world in tests, the Chicka confirmed its place as a fantastic all-round women’s ski. The ski remains comfortable and tolerant despite its stable feel and smooth ride. It is a perfect ski for advanced female skiers who want a ski that is easy to enjoy but still want performance on any type of snow. It has a freeride heritage but for those who want to relax now and again.


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