Posted by: citizenski | June 24, 2008

Movement Black Rose Skis 2009

Movement Black Rose Skis 2009

Don’t let the girly graphics fool you into thinking this is a wall-flower of a ski. The black Rose is movements top women’s ski, they come in three lengths up to 185 cm and have more in common with the awe-inspiring Thunders than a pair of fluffed-up recreational planks.

This ski has all the technology and attributes of the top unisex models, especially the POWER but you have a slightly lighter core and sidewall construction. With the sidecut coming in at 121-88-110 it is pretty beefy, the all-wood core with composite is strong, you need to be fit, you need to have energy and good technique but then you’ll be ripping! This is a ski for girls who can ski, ski fast, hard and love to tear up the entire mountain whether flying off a cliff or shredding spring snow down 45 degrees. rating: 99/100

One of the hardest-core girls ski on the market – built for expert skiers who want to push their limits.

The manufacturer says this about the Movement Black Rose Skis 2009:

The Black Rose was develop to match the skills of expert women skiers. There is no limit to this skis potential. The Black Rose responds precisely in difficult terrain. it’s a wide freeride ski which has its strengths in deep snow but which is still accurate and stable on compact and hard snow. It likes to go fast but is always stable underfoot. It is a powerful ski that requires a strong technique. Like the Thunder the harder you push, the better it is. It is THE women’s performance freeski.


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