Posted by: citizenski | June 24, 2008

Movement Baggy Skis 2009

Movement Baggy Skis 2009

Much improved graphic for 2009 lifts the Baggy and makes them even more appealing fro the dedicated back-country hucker. A hybrid-freestyle-freeride ski that has huge dimensions, 132-102-122, and is available in three lengths up to 188, the Baggy is aimed at the expert to pro rider looking for versatility across the entire mountain. Security and durability come from a super-light core which keeps such a strong ski manageable, the sidewalls are all beefed-up for hitting rails and rocks – for when you’re spinning off your favourite cliff.

Funky, strong, newschool freerider-styler aimed at the very advanced freerider to more serious rider. rating 98/100

Excellent for its target group of the new breed of freerider-styler.

The manufacturer says this about the Movement Baggy Skis 2009:

Its life was intended to be backcountry and freestyle. Due to its fairly short-radius, the Baggy surprises, despite its width, at short and quick turns on-piste. Its long and large tip and tail give it a lot of lift in deep snow also offer stability and a soft catch when fakie landing. We wanted to give to this ski a lot of character that allows skiers to carry out the most extreme tricks in the most extreme terrain. The ski is very light due to the proprietary wood cored we use and its light enough to provide floatation in all snow conditions. So getting to and from your favourite back-country booters is just as much fun. A shorter and longer version of this ski is added to the already existing 180 version.


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