Posted by: citizenski | June 23, 2008

Movement Yaka Skis 2009

Movement Yaka Skis 2009

The Yaka was introduced in 2008 and is an interesting proposition for newcomers to Movement. As Movement had previously only manufactured high end and specialist products the Yaka remains a much more versatile ski that will open new horizons for advanced skiers.

With a 75 mm waist the Yaka is happier on piste and carving around the hill in the way that most holiday skiers spend their time – saying that, the Yaka aims to let you explore the entire mountain whether the snow is deep, soft, firm or unforgiving. The shorter radius helps less experienced skiers feel a carve and use the ski to arc a turn, so a good choice for the adveturous advanced two week+ a year skier.

Sporting a lighter and more attractive graphic for 2009 the Yaka remains pretty much the same. There isn’t really much call to change the mixed Okume-Poplar wood core and “Power Beech rail” as they are of a very high quality and work very well.

The manufacturer says this about the Movement Yaka Skis 2009:

This play-ski is versatile, holds a mean edge and it is very lively. Its playground is 70% on-piste, 30% off-piste. It has a large range of use from very hard packed snow to some nice rides in powder and crud. A shorter radius design which eases the initiation and release of the turn at lower speeds but it’s wider ski-tip offers an astonishing smoothness and dampening at higher speeds. The Yaka is a perfect compromise that will satisfy a wide range of skiers in a wide range of conditions.


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