Posted by: citizenski | June 23, 2008

Movement Yaka Jam Skis 2009

Movement Yaka Jam Skis 2009

New for 2009 and should prove prove a very sweet introduction for back-country skiing for many skiers. The Yaka-Jam takes off from the very successful, and accessible, Yaka, as a ski that an advanced skier can explore the hill, take on new challenges or just cruise as they feel. With all the wood-cored prowess of Movement manufacturing the ski grips well on firm snow for a freeride model, is well-balanced, secure yet there is no heavy feel.

Flex is very manageable for lighter skiers, substantial for heavier less aggressive skiers but the overall impression is one of a ski happiest in powder, crud and variable terrain – its natural homeland. Another interesting point, especially coming from Movement who made some very fast and focused back-country missiles such as the Goliath – is that the sidecut on the new Yaka-Jam is really quite pronounced and as with the Yaka you can arc a turn – even in the longer 182 length they still make a 17 m radius whilst the 164 will tear-around in a sprightly 15 metres. rating: 95/100

A superb all-round, all-mountain introduction to freeride skiing for the advanced skier – get off your plateau and try a pair of these!

The manufacturer says this about the Movement Yaka Jam Skis 2009:

After the great success of the Yaka, it seemed logical to us to develop a larger version with the same properties. The Yaka-Jam has more lift in powder and so has more of a freeride character than its little brother. A larger tip and tail still with pronounced waist the Yaka-Jam one of the most versatile freeskis in all snow conditions. Super quick in short radius turns but the beauty of the Okume, Poplar and Beech wood core calms things down when the speeds picks up.


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