Posted by: citizenski | June 23, 2008

Movement Thunder Skis 2009

Movement Thunder Skis 2009

Every year I heap praise on the Movement Thunder, and 2009 is no different. Once a seriously hardcore ski the Thunder seems tamer but it isn’t really, its just that skiers tastes have been exposed to so many “extreme” skis in terms of dimensions over this last few years.

So the Thunders remain simply awesome. They are a stunning, demanding and a focused bit of kit. Perhaps more tolerant than the originals, the latest model I tried seemed to share a slightly softer tip- similar to the Goliath- that helps initiate the turn but the advantage over many fatter skis is the Thunders versatility and useability. Their narrower shape helps the Thunder ski more directly down the fall-line, and gives the skier a more precise carve through crud and chopped icy conditions. As with many of Movements skis this is one for the experts, and the truly passionate skier, they are about as tolerant as a schoolteacher is to the young prankster – not very in my experience. rating: 99/100

Most highly recommended if you’d like to up your ante and have lots of snow time.

The manufacturer says this about the Movement Thunder Skis 2009:

The Thunder is, since its launch, the leader int he mid-fat category. Its proprietary construction and design has created a remarkable ski. It gives it a softer flex but very high torsional strength. It is a true expert’s tool and dimensions for the whole mountain. Steep couloirs, crud, powder, high speed cruising, tight trees. It is one of our flagship designs. It is a big mountain ski that will eat up vertical as fast as you can feed it. It is happiest when pushed…..pushed hard and fast. One of those remarkable skis that gives back more and more the harder you push it.


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