Posted by: citizenski | June 23, 2008

Movement Red Apple 74 Skis 2009

Movement Red Apple 74 Skis 2009

Swish new graphics boost the appeal of the now legendary Red Apple touring ski from Movement. Even on this lightweight tourer you have a full-wood core for durability and ski-ability – downhill pleasure doesn’t give way to poor randonee performance, the Red Apple remains light enough to be used on longer tours.

Decent levels of grip keep your faith on trickier descents and overall the ski performs as an alpine ski would, which is a large bonus as some touring skis are about as enjoyable as a trip to dentist when you’re a kid whose eaten too many toffees. rating: 90/100

A class leading, benchmark ski in the Freeride-touring market.

The manufacturer says this about the Movement Red Apple 74 Skis 2009:

The Red Apple 74 has steadily been gaining legendary status with guides around the world. We still have increased its tip and tail to give the ski more lift in deep snow. With its 74 mm under the foot and its reduced weight, turns in all conditions are quick and sharp. Its ability to adapt to difficult conditions and its stable driving on hard snow are a direct result of its exotic Karuba wood core.


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