Posted by: citizenski | June 23, 2008

Atomic Race SL 10 IB Skis 2009

Atomic Race SL 10 IB Skis 2009

No real change here since last year, the SL 10’s remain a great slalom-style ski for the advanced skier. The sidecut is very much that of a slalom ski but the flex is toned down and the tail is less whippy than with the more thoroughbred SL 12 pb version.

Advanced skiers will find that they can arc all day long on the SL 10 ib without exhaustion and experts will enjoy a more laid back ride than with the full-on SL 12pb. This ski is guaranteed to get you carving and enjoying a feeling of control over the snow – there in not much slithering around here, even on the hardest snow you will feel in control. So a great feeling for those skiers looking for an extra smattering of being in charge on cold, icy winter mornings. Many ski instructors and professional skiers like to use skis with lot so of shape such as the SL 10 – it is a ski that works for you.

Whilst not a full race territory SL ski, the 10’s are nippy and will give you lots of smiles for your bucks – great fun and an exciting pair of skis, every advanced skier should try a pair! rating: 90/100

Superb all-mountain slalom skis for the advanced skier. Full of life, relatively easy and my only criticism would be that a change of image from a traditional race ski whilst retaining product itself may attract more skiers to such a great product.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic Race SL 10 IB Skis 2009:

Hugging the snow on tight radius turns, this is the Slalom ski with the greatest flex. For a less aggressive, smoother skiing style. The Carbon Integral Bridge supports this effect. Easy to turn, highly maneuverable and excellent power transmission characteristics, stabilized by the Dual Torsion Bars. Optimal edge grip, even on roch-hard slopes, guaranteeing perfect control over the ski.



  1. At the beginning of 2007-2008 I was skiing Atomic SL 9 (red) 170cm, and having tried in a demo the SL 10, at the end of February 2008 I changed my skis for SL10 170cm. Every year I try in demos at least a dozen pair of skis. Do not make the mistake of thinking that this is a demanding ski like the Atomic SL 11 or the SL 12, it is not.

    It is not so much that the SL 10 at its maximum performance (for me) will perform so much better than the SL 9, it is that it is much more forgiving and also that it takes less energy to ski. As a skier it is as if I had become 5 years younger.

    For the rest of the season, I had the best and easiest skiing and spring skiing that I can remember.

    A good friend of mine who was also skiing SL 9, having seen me ski with the SL 10, without even trying them purchased SL 10 and has never been happier. He agreed 100% with my comments on these skis. He also enjoys being 5 years younger!

    One does not have to be an ex racer to ski these skis. All that is needed is to be a good active skier. I highly recommend these skis.

    Montréal, QC, Canada

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