Posted by: citizenski | June 20, 2008

Fischer Vision Inspire RF VI Womens Skis 2008/09

Fischer Vision Inspire RFVI Womens Skis 2008/09

Featuring all Fischer’s ski know-how in one intermediate package designed specifically for women. As you would expect they are feather light and the overall skiing experience is one of comfort and forgiveness rather than out and out performance. As this is a pair of Fischer skis though, expect them to carve a turn, grip on firmer snow (not many skis grip particularly well on real ice unless they are tuned to do so) and provide a sportier feel than many manufacturers.

With a 114-70-100 shape the Inspire links silky short to medium turns and the slightly more sober graphic is neutral and may appeal more in the rack – although last years version was a very pretty ski – it seems nigh on impossible to please everyone when it comes to graphics!!! rating: 85/100

An very pleasant all-round womens intermediate, or first time buyer, ski.

The manufacturer says this about the Fischer Vision Inspire RFVI Womens Skis 2008/09:

For the woman who enjoys life. The top performance ski with Air Power and Plasma Edge. For comfortable and easy to control skiing. Dynamic, light and direct.

This independent label unites all the technologies that have been designed especially for the Vision series ski construction and take into account the female anatomy. Such as Flowflex Vision with free ski flex without the loss of control forces and 50% weight reduction compared with the unisex line. Or Railflex Vision, the Railflex technology with sleek lightweight housing. The “MYTURN” label is rounded off by the special binding mounting point, the extra hard steel edge, Air Power and Air Channel with air ‘corridors’ in the (glass fibre) wood core.


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