Posted by: citizenski | June 20, 2008

Fischer RX8 Fire RF SP Skis 2008/09

Fischer RX8 Fire Skis 2008/09

Although there is no change here other than graphics the RX8″s are admirable, versatile “all-mountain” race carvers. A slight waist at 65 mm underfoot allows for rapid edge-to-edge action and you may actually wake up from the slumber of allmountain recreational skis that demand little and offer not too much back in return. The idea with skis like the RX 8 is that they involve you in the skiing like a good car involves you in the driving experince.
People ask in skiing how can you ski the same runs day after day, well if the skis give you some feedback and are actually active beneath your feet then you will start to love skiing for the sensations it gives rather than just an admiral view and a fine lunch. Grab yourself a pair of RX 8’s and start to experience some skiing sensations. rating: 89/100

A great ski but I do wish the Austrians could be a little more graphically. inspired

The manufacturer says this about the Fischer RX8 Fire Skis 2008/09:

For true fun racers. The lightweight model with a slalom touch, stable tracking and manoeuvrable. Dynamic sandwich ski featuring racing ski technology for fun in sport.


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