Posted by: citizenski | June 19, 2008

Fischer Venom Titanium Skis 2008/09

Fischer Venom Titanium Skis 2008/09

Reassuringly expensive – and blatantly well-conceived. Fischer’s first foray into the exclusive market could prove a much sounder investment than splashing your 1000+€’s on many of the “home-spun” exclusive skis on the market.

Using proven technologies, proven construction and design with the best Formula 1-grade carbon fibres the Venom Ti’s from Fischer are stunning to behold. Light but substantial to handle, the Ti is aimed at the advanced to expert all-rounder looking for a fast cruiser. The Ti’s “Dual Radius System naturally links variable medium to long turns and the dark, sultry carbon-fibre Flowflex should give the Venom Ti not only a great aesthetic but a smooth and fluid ride as you’d expect from Fischer.

Skireviews rating: N/A – will let you know in the autumn.

The manufacturer says this about the Fischer Venom Titanium Skis 2008/09:

Fischer is a synonym for quality and high-tech in the ski branch. With the Venom, you can now add exclusivity and individuality as well. Premium quality materials in making skis is something that is taken for granted at Fischer. The Venom, however, additionally stands out through its carbon surface and the carbon Flowflex – high-tech materials that are engineered with Fischer´s know-how from the automotive industry. The result is an exclusive ski line with an individual appearance and extraordinary design. And with a strong performance, of course. The Venom boasts optimum edge grip, outstanding torsional stiffness and it is lively even though it runs smoothly. The Venom models – Titan and Black – are available only from selected specialist retailers.

With Flowflex Fischer created the world´s first “Skifahrwerk” (ski suspension system) which, for the first time ever, enables completely unrestricted ski flex without losing control forces. There is now also Flowflex in carbon, developed for the exclusive Venom line. Using the high-quality material carbon as the support plate for the Flowflex system reduces weight by a quarter and makes even lighter work of both skiing and handling the equipment. The exclusive carbon Flowflex was developed in cooperation with FCT (Fischer Composite Technology). FCT´s entire expertise in the automotive industry and in Formula 1 racing was used in the development of carbon Flowflex. Both Venom models are produced with a sandwich construction with wood core and double titanal shell.

The Dual Radius System of the Venom Titan makes this model an all-rounder. The different radiuses at the ski tip and ski tail ensure optimum control behavior and excellent efficiency in long and short turns.


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