Posted by: citizenski | June 18, 2008

Fischer Watea 94 Skis 2008/09

Fischer Watea 94 Skis 2008/09

Ultra-versatile Freeride ski that is perfect for European mixed snow conditions. With 130-94-118 dimensions and a very GS-like 22m radius the Watea 94’s are probably the expert skiers choice of freeride ski that they can use on a daily basis in all terrains.

As with the excellent 84’s the 94 has an agile and light but well-planted touch for the snow. You feel that the ski turns-in on-demand in the way a GS ski would, so if you’re well balanced and have good technique you’ll enjoy them but if you’re not used to steering a ski and just relying on side-cut then they could be a handful for the inexperienced.

In all I really enjoyed the 94’s both years I have tested them, I must confess to preferring last seasons graphics but the price and performance of the 94’s is exceptional so they are a great ski for those who want versatility in a freeride ski without serious damage to their pocket.

skireviews rating: 90/100

An excellent all-terrain package.

The manufacturer says this about the Fischer Watea 94 Skis 2008/09:

For those out to enjoy life. The flat, versatile ski for all snow conditions. With stable and lightweight I-Beam construction. Feels completely at home on both long, sweeping slopes and narrow terrain.


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