Posted by: citizenski | June 18, 2008

Fischer RC4 Race RC Pro SP Skis 2008/09

Fischer RC4 Race RC Pro SP Skis 2008/09

A true race-carver – essentially a de-tuned GS ski with a touch more sidecut, a lighter and more manageable construction for advanced to expert skiers looking to ski really fast, make some great sweeping arcs and have a wail of a time on firm, groomed runs.

Many ski instructors love this ski, not particularly for teaching but for high-speed thrills without going to the extremes of a full-bore FIS GS model. This is a 911 for the street as opposed to a “Le Mans racing” FIS ski that can be a hindrance on the average groomed run unless you are a seriously technical and fit skier.

I love all the Fischer race carvers, I love how the positive shaping of the tip just begs you to arc them harder, the plate and binding combination give you a smooth and controlled flex whether the ski is designed for shorter or longer turns such as this RC model. In all an excellent GS-style carver with heaps of power, agile dimensions and weight and a truck-load of fun in the right hands. rating: 95/100

Superb but am getting tired of the same graphic year after year – as can be said for many of the race skis from virtually every manufacturer!

The manufacturer says this about the Fischer RC4 Race RC Pro SP Skis 2008/09:

For piste professionals. The performance packed Race Carver with unique turning behaviour and an absolutely smooth ride. Features Air Carbon Titanium and World Cup Tuning.

Extremely lightweight and strong combination of Air Carbon and titanium. Guarantees easier handling and optimum performance.

Edges and base are given an extremely precise World Cup level finish on the most modern grinding line in the world.


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