Posted by: citizenski | June 18, 2008

Fischer Progressor 8+ RF SP Skis 2008/09

Fischer Progressor 8+ RF SP Skis 2008/09

Introduced for the first time last year the Dual Radius concept re-appears on all the new Progressor skis. Although “Progressor” sounds to myself very much an intermediate ski this new range is very much progressive and forward thinking in its conception to move the advanced skier into the expert realm.
Featuring side-wall construction for precise, smooth turns and good durability the 8= sits in the middle of the new Progressor range. I found it to ski on groomed-trails very much like a slalom carver on a 4×4 chassis – not to make them more powerful or bloated but to give you the skier greater versatility whilst still being able to rip up some great carved turns – very much a Fischer speciality.

So I guess you are looking at a sporty, mid-sized SUV in comparison. Spritely off-the-mark, comfortable in chopped up terrain yet precise and comfortable when riding at pretty quick speed on firm, groomed and sometimes icy terrain.

A great package for the advanced to expert skier. rating: 89/100

Good concept, very good to ski but the name and design, hmmmm.

The manufacturer says this about the Fischer Progressor 8+ RF SP Skis 2008/09:



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