Posted by: citizenski | June 10, 2008

Blizzard G-Force Ltd Edition Skis 2008/09

Blizzard G-Force Ltd Edition Skis 2008/09

Top-of-the-line all-mountain carver. New from Blizzard for 08/09 is stealthy looking and aggressive Blizzard G-Force Ltd. Ed. With a practical 72 mm underfoot and a massive 123 mm up-front you can tear down the hard-pack with the G-Force Ltd providing heaps of grip and a very rapid, slalom-like turn-in.

Lively, solid and a really nice package from Blizzard – a very commercial looking ski that should prove popular and hopefully a success for Blizzard as they have created a great package for good advanced to expert skiers looking for an “exclusive, prestige” all-mountain carver.

Skireviews rating: 89/100

An excellent and Ltd. all-round carver for the advanced to expert skier.

The manufacturer says this about the Blizzard G-Force Ltd Edition Skis 2008/09:

Whether its a small or large radii, turns for the fun of it, or breathtaking speed carving, G-Force is Blizzards new weapon for experiencing the ultimate centrifugal force. The six models in this range are perfect for curve aficionados who love speed, action and race-style curves – from leisure skiers out to enjoy themselves to the technically advanced skier. Athletes who demand versatility at maximum speed on any snow conditions but with full control will find the ultimate performance tool in G-Force. The G-Force range from Blizzard continues the trend for highly versatile all-mountain carvers.


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