Posted by: citizenski | May 28, 2008

Head Monster Alpinist Skis 2008/09

Head Monster Alpinist Skis 2008/09

Super-light, the Monster Alpinist is an all-mountain, freeride touring ski weighing in at a paltry 1190 gms, so the Alpinist is very much ideal for the serious ski tourer. As with a ski this light it is designed for heading up the hills as down them so the width is reduced to a skinny 74 mm – but compared to Touring skis of old this is quite a nice width and good in the majority of non-extreme conditions.
As you would imagine there are no sandwich constructions here, far too heavy, but the ride from Heads Aircoat technology remains pleasing and they are a reassuring and stable ski for what they are – don’t expect huge grip and power, they are not built for that. Agile – yes, light – yes, built for touring – yes. Great for ski tourers of all levels looking for versatility than out and out performance in just one particular field.

Skireviews rating – N/A

The manufacturer says this about the Head Monster Alpinist Skis 2008/09:

1,190 grams for a ski that will perform at eye-level with all-mountain-freeride ski. Need we say more?


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