Posted by: citizenski | May 27, 2008

Head Xenon Xi 8.0 Skis 2008/09

Head Xenon Xi 8.0 Skis 2008/09

Freshened up graphics make the new Xenon Xi 8’s look a lot livelier. I enjoyed these skis on test – Head have been making great piste carver skis for intermediate holiday skiers since carving skis were invented, so they are pretty good at it. Nice and easy to initiate your turn, good grip up to quite fast red run speeds – so faster than many intermediates will probably ski. They feel reasonably smooth but a ski that is designed to be light and agile never quite as much a planted feel as a race pair – so good for cruising at medium speeds and the Xenon’s do what they say in their spiel – a ski to be enjoyed by anyone from “beginner to 200-days a year expert”.

Great first pair of skis, light, easy, skiddable and carveable.

Skireviews rating: 89/100

One of the best in the intermediate, piste/groomed carver category.

The manufacturer says this about the Head Xenon Xi 8.0 Skis 2008/09:

The unique versatility of a Xenon shape and the performance/weight boost of Aircoat at a very interesting price point. Ability/terrain: anyone, anytime, anytime.


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