Posted by: citizenski | May 27, 2008

Head Worldcup iSpeed Skis 2008/09

Head Worldcup iSpeed Skis 2008/09

World Cup construction, “barely legal sidecut.” The iSpeed in this form is quite a serious pair of boards, they are very much built for the athletic expert skier who is going to have the terrain available to let a near pure-GS ski tear its arcs.
very stable and lovely and smooth to ride, you do require some room,, I tested them in the 180 length in Austria – conditions weren’t great but you could certainly get a feel for a well-constructed and smooth chassis and a tailored side-cut. The down-side is it was like driving a Porsche 911 over terrain that almost demanded a Land Rover. the iSpeed’s are great when you have the conditions and are pretty much reserved for special days or the weapon of choice for young ski instructors and club racers looking for something slick for their “days off.”

Skireviews rating: 89/100

Exceptionally good race-carvers with a real feeling of a high-quality chassis, but they do lack versatility and are almost a second pair of skis for when conditions are near-perfect or better.

The manufacturer says this about the Head Worldcup iSpeed Skis 2008/09:

Race carving in original World Cup construction. No joke: this ski is barely street-legal, fully focused on acceleration and edge-grip in long turns.


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