Posted by: citizenski | May 27, 2008

Head Monster iM 76 Skis 2008/09

Head Monster iM 76 Skis 2008/09

The baby in the Monster’s layer. The 76 is the most groomed-run orientated of the Monster range, and thereby the most accessible. With the image of the Monster’s you get a vibrant looking ski with plenty of life and versatility for the aspiring intermediate, early advanced skier. So for blues, reds and even attempting a bit of powder off the sides the ’76’s are going to be most competent.
The “Carbon jacket” construction differs from Head’s famed sandwich constructions but it does make for a light and agile pair of skis that are both forgiving and highly accessible.

Skireviews rating: 85/100

Highly accessible intermediate, all-mountain skis.

The manufacturer says this about the Head Monster iM 76 Skis 2008/09:

Enter the Monster’s cave: This ski was made for open-minded cruisers who dig versatility. Totally at home on the slopes but ready to go wherever you want it to.


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