Posted by: citizenski | May 27, 2008

Head J.O. PRO Skis 2008/09

Head J.O. PRO Skis 2008/09

Almost as popular but slightly less rarer than the girls who pose on them the Jon Olsen Pro Models are extremely sought after – but am not sure whether it is as much for their graphics as their skiing attributes. The Jon Olsson Pro Model is a fantastic looking pair of skis. the graphic is clean, simple and the model (who is rumored to be his current belle) is absolutely stunning- I just wonder whether the Health & Safety executive would approve as you may get caught catching a glimpse of Miss J.O. when you should be checking out your landing.
J.O.’s Pro Model is developed to be the strongest and best balanced park ski.

The 77mm underfoot gives good support when hitting rails or stomping landings and the lightness gives you a sense of freedom in the air with instant “spin-ability” – far beyond my level of pak proficiency to be fair.

With a similar construction to last year they should prove very durable, and I certainly haven’t heard many complaints about resort. So about as good as it gets for park and pipe performance, plus you get to ponder the beauty of that smile when not spinning from a great height.

Skireviews rating: 95/100

One of the best parks skis around, great graphic and bound to be v popular once again for 08/09.

The manufacturer says this about the Head J.O. PRO Skis 2008/09:

Olsson’s full-on competition ski. Aircoiat HGT2 tech makes this the lightest, fastest spinning setup on the market. Still, Jon’s design and construction inputs make it very fast and ultra steady for big leaps and landings.


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