Posted by: citizenski | May 25, 2008

Salomon Teneighty Skis 2008/09

Salomon Teneighty Skis 2008

Ten years since the first 1080’s, where have they all gone!! So to celebrate ten years of manufacture and the invention of free-skiing with that original bright orange wonder Salomon have moulded a golden 10 yr badge and guarded the same dimensions for one more year.
One of the secrets to the 1080’s success is its versatility. In France there are countless “moniteurs du ski” working eight hours a day on theirs. You can skid ’em, carve ’em, rip around the pistes, dabble in the fluff or prop them up against a refuge after a couple of hours skinning up a hill as they are so light they make good touring skis.

So versatile, light, more grip through the introduction of the wood core and “edgy monocoque” and lots of fun. Great for intermediate skiers to almost anyone. rating – 85/100

Good looking, extremely versatile, solid and certainly above average performers – perhaps exceptional for Salomon’s bank balance!

The manufacturer says this about the Salomon Teneighty Skis 2008:

A decade of 1080!

When Salomon created the 1080 ten years ago the first twin-tip was born. This special edition of our best seller is celebrating the event!

Teneighty: All-mountain twin.


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