Posted by: citizenski | May 25, 2008

Salomon Rocker Skis 2008/09

Salomon Rocker Skis 2008/09

Huge! Massive in fact and very popular with the guys in the know last season. With a removable rubber section in the swallowtail there were varied reports as to what people preferred. A friend who tours a lot preferred the rubber-section out as it lightened the ski and made them much more agile in tight couloirs and on very steep, 55 degrees plus, terrain. A rather large jovial friend of mine who also sports a pair of rockers preferred the stability of the rubber section and loved the ski as everyone who has tried them as.
The thing is they are vast but they ski really easily and they are again a ski with playfulness in their design brief. They just love to hoon around the hill, take some air, make some huge carves and go seriously fast.
The only negative comment on this Rocker’s that I heard is their sometime “tracking” or “railing” when going through pre-skied terrain. Rather than crossing or smashing their own trial through previous skiers’ tracks the Rocker has been know, as are many large skis, to “lock -on” to a track and take the skier for a ride.
A fantastic if limited pair of skis for massive days, big smiles and awe inspiring skiing – huuuuuuuuuuge. rating – 95/100

Inspirational, great looking and functional but can “tram-line” more than expected when the snow is already tracked.

The manufacturer says this about the Salomon Rocker Skis 2008/09:

Pure powder.
A technology imagined by our team dedicated to big mountain freeride.


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