Posted by: citizenski | May 25, 2008

Salomon FURY Z14 Skis 2008

Salomon FURY Z14 Skis 2008

The Fury’s are big skis and kinda strong. Personally they do about as much for my skiing as a fish and chip shop is my first port of call after working most of my early life in Michelin starred restaurants.

The Fury’s sport a woodcore, a hefty-ish plate and are favoured by many an expert skier looking for a pair of blasters for all-mountain fun. They definitely do have their place as they do give you a feeling of invincibility but at the same time they feel like barges and there is not too much agility or playfulness to speak of – if it is stability you seek then as an advanced to expert back-country/all-mountain skier you will probably really enjoy them – me, well I’d take a pair of Czars anyday! rating – 85/100

Very good freeride all-mountain skis but they lack agility and are certainly superseded by a pair of Lord’s for pretty much any skier.

The manufacturer says this about the Salomon FURY Z14 Skis 2008:

All-mountain high performance (85 mm), the expert one ski quiver for all-terrain.


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